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2005 was the mark when a brand new web hosting company sets its mark in the market industry. As such from then on, it has continually revolutionized and improved as to how hosting must be for many people who would require such a service. It is in this case that Fast Domain remained and continue to run its business despite various existing web hosting giants and competitors today.

Perhaps you might wonder how different Fast Domain is from others? Or are you currently questioning your mind out what sets this apart? Likewise you may be in doubt as to the things it can offer to its prospective clients? Together let us reveal the details.

Fast Domain is not called fast without any valid proof of its efficiency. It would defeat the purpose of coining such a term if it does not deliver at all. To attest to its fast service, Fast Domain as a matter of fact incorporated world class technology in its back end. The nice thing about their system is that they incorporate quad servers. To be exact they refer to it as quad processor performance servers.

Quad core is a processor with four cores or simply a multi core one. This in turn allows four complete execution of the physical or hardware processor. This particular setup makes it easy for the four to communicate and run various tasks at the same time. Imagine your computer system with four CPU’s in it. I bet you just can’t believe how fast it will open an application the other.

Aside from this one, they also guarantee continuous uptime because of their quality equipment. In addition, they also have one of the most secure backups in the market since they don’t tend to compromise their hardware into substandard ones. Connection wise, they are incorporating OC-48 backbone connection for that efficient receiving and sending of requests to and from their servers.

Should you decide to be a customer under their umbrella, you will receive and make use of the many features they are offering to you and to your site. This includes various unlimited services. To name a few you would be getting unlimited web hosting space. This is perfect especially for those sites that are media driven including pictures, videos and music. This even includes unlimited email support particularly for POP servers and IMAP servers. You would also seize to get unlimited site transfer hence easy access to your site would be fast on the side of your clients. You will also get unlimited email account forwarding, email autoresponder, add-on domains, subdomains, parked domains and FTP accounts.

In case you site is an e-commerce one you can also utilize their free features. This includes SSL secure server, OS commerce shopping cart and agora shopping cart. Aside from these things you can also take advantage of their password protected directories and Open PGP encryption to have one secure transaction. As such you would not need to create your sites from scratch since you can utilize these ready-made aspects in the first place.

Once your site is setup of course what you would need would be traffic of course to draw in probable clients and customers. With Fast Domain this can be given to you for free. Yup, they will be the one to do site promotion for your site if your web page is up and running.

With all these features and so much more, there is no doubt that the amount you would be shelling for Fast Domain would relatively be worth it. Hence, do not hesitate to grab this chance as they are on sale right now. Fast domain would cater to your site from inception to promotion making it one of the best web hosting service there is in the market.

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